At Atlas, we pride ourselves in being curious and tenacious. We are fast learners and hard workers. We are motivated to deliver exceptional work and produce results. It's that very nature that helps us navigate complex issues and topics to help our clients distill their message and deliver it to their most important audiences. Our experience spans many vertical markets. 




The Connector  

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Bill has the innate ability to draw connections between people, resources and the end goal of a campaign. He is skilled at leveraging those people and resources to achieve maximum results. Bill is an expert in leadership and strategic planning and always has his eye on the goal. A level-headed and thoughtful strategist, Bill considers every possibility before determining a path forward. 

As a decorated Brigadier General, Bill brings nearly four decades of military experience to Atlas, including service as the Director of the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security and the Commander of the Idaho Air National Guard, among other noteworthy positions. Most recently, Bill oversaw corporate communications for the largest utility in Idaho. Bill received his education from the United States Air Force Air University and Boise State University.

Bill has served in numerous volunteer positions, including a key role appointed by the Governor to the Idaho Military Advocacy Commission and Chairman of the Idaho Homeland Security Advisory Council. He enjoys a good round of golf, whitewater rafting on Idaho’s rivers, and the Oregon Coast.

You can reach Bill at bill@idahoatlas.com



The Planner

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With every client, Amanda becomes a student of the job as well as their opportunities, problems, challenges, shortcomings and resources. Amanda craves to know what makes an organization or issue special, singular or exceptional and is driven to leverage those distinctions to drive progress, change or elevate awareness. She is a planner by nature and brings a high-level perspective to every client relationship to help guide an effective strategy.  

Amanda received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from the University of Idaho. She brings extensive experience in project management and strategic planning to Atlas from her former agency experience.  Amanda’s work in communications has been recognized with more than a dozen awards.  She is strongly invested in her community and state, and has served as a board member for the FACES of Hope Victim Center and the March of Dimes. She is currently the board president for Camp Rainbow Gold. She has been honored as one of the Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished Under Forty and Women of the Year. She is a lover of jam bands, eating a really good street taco, and finding her zen through yoga or a good glass of local wine.

You can reach Amanda at amanda@idahoatlas.com



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The Navigator  

Natalie knows how to keep the wheels moving once they are set in motion. Drawing upon her years as an award-winning journalist, Natalie makes sure her clients are asked the tough questions internally before they engage their stakeholders.

She helps guide clients through complex issues advocacy, crisis communication and community mobilization. Natalie is a passionate and empathetic partner, taking on her clients’ issues and problems as her own. She has the vision to redirect when necessary and the steadfastness to stay the course when the road is rough.

Natalie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Media at Arizona State University. In addition to her reporting background, Natalie brings several years of in-house and agency experience to Atlas. Natalie is an active volunteer in the state, serving as a board member for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Idaho. She is an avid runner and outdoors-woman, loves a good book and making fresh, home-cooked meals.

You can reach Natalie at natalie@idahoatlas.com